Information of the IP

Welcome to the web pages of The ERASMUS Intensive Programme: 'Insularity and sustainability-context and case studies in different European Islands'  that is organized by the DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF THE AEGEAN with:

(a)    University of Malta (MT)

(b)   Universite De Corse Pascal Paoli (FR)

(c)    Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ES)

      (d)  Universidad de La Laguna (ES)

  The IP will take place in Mytilene for 25 students (5 from each Institution).

Important dates

The Intensive Program will be held in 15/09/13 to 29/09/13. Please find the guidelines here.

The campus is situated 2 kilometers south of the town, on the way to the airport. If, for some reason, you cannot be here on time, please let us know in advance. There is a bus leaving from the city center (Sapfous square) every hour to the University.

If you are willing to participate or you have already been selected by your institution, there are four things that you need to do as soon as possible:

  1. Fill the application form (you can download it here) and e-mail it to

  2. A scanned image of your passport and your bank account send as an e-mail attachment to

  3. Make sure that you arrive insured with either the E111-European Insurance Card for students/instructors (please consult your Institution for details) or any kind of private insurance.

  4. Make sure that you follow the rules for travel expenses.

We hope to make your stay here academically rewarding and personally unforgettable!

Presentations of the IP