Requirements of the presentations and projects

Students are expected to attend the lectures, the activities of the group, prepare a paper and present it to the rest of the groups. They will receive a grade that will cover the quality of the paper and the presentation. These grades will be along a 1-10 scale.

The paper should be no more than 4,000 words and should be structured along these lines:

  1. Introduction (where the theme will be briefly developed and the question(s) that the paper addresses set);
  2. Methods (a very important section for the paper, where the methods used to address the questions will be presented in some detail, along with the data that you use: sources, reliability, etc.);
  3. Findings (where the findings are presented);
  4. Discussion (where you should discuss the findings in the light of previous research);
  5. Conclusion (where you should answer the questions set in the introduction with the use of the findings);
  6. References.
The presentation should not exceed 15 minutes with specific emphasis on the questions, the methods and the discussion of the findings.